tips for planning an awesome graduation celebration

tips for planning an awesome graduation celebration

3 Awesome Display Ideas For Your Trade Show

by Harper King

When you go to a trade show, you need to make sure that you stand out in order to attract the most attention to your booth and ensure that you attract many potential customers. One of the ways to do this is to make your product look as interesting as possible. Here are three awesome ideas for display fixtures that you can use during the trade show to make sure that your product and your booth stand out from the crowd and succeed.

1. Use Glass Display Cases

If you see something in a glass display case, chances are excellent that you're going to stop and look. If there's something in a glass display case, then it deserves to be protected, and if it deserves to be protected, then it must be interesting. You can easily rent display cases or purchase display cases from any company that sells trade-show supplies. The trick to display cases is to make sure that they're well-lit. If they're not lit, then it will be difficult to see what's inside them and they won't attract nearly as much attention.

Either rent or purchase glass cases that have lighting already installed, or install the lighting yourself. Even using strings of lights that have been taped to the top of the the case will allow your product to be well-illuminated.

2. Get a Pedestal Display

Another idea is to use a pedestal display. Pedestal displays are essentially a single, large structure that elevates your product to approximately the chest level of the people at the trade show. It can either be tiered down from that point to accommodate multiple products, or it can be a single stand for a single product.

Regardless of which you choose, whichever product or products are elevated to a higher level will draw the eye of the potential customers because it makes the products look more important. These stands also need to be well lit in order to illuminate the details of your product.

3. Get a Hands-On Display

Get island displays that allow enough room for one or two potential customers and a salesperson to demo the product. These displays will seem welcoming and will allow potential customers to try out your product for themselves. People are more likely to feel comfortable investing in an item if they have been able to touch it and see that it works well.

For more ideas, talk to a company that specializes in trade shows and other exhibition events.


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tips for planning an awesome graduation celebration

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