tips for planning an awesome graduation celebration

tips for planning an awesome graduation celebration

Unique Lighting Options For Your Special Event

by Harper King

No matter how simple your celebration space or decor is, the right lighting has the power to make an event. If you're hosting a nighttime reception or party on a limited budget, go with minimal decorations, such as table centerpieces, and focus on unique lighting elements to get the most bang for your buck.

Depending on the type of event you're hosting, such as a country-inspired bash in a barn or an elegant affair in a ballroom, your lighting choices range from simple and rustic to sophisticated. By using LED lights, which can even mimic the warm glow of  candlelight, you won't have to worry about the risk of a fire.

Here are some creative ways to light up your special event:

1. Lit Dance Floor 

For a wedding reception or any other type of lively celebration where there will be music and dancing, you can illuminate the dance floor with LED lights. In most cases, you can rent an entire lighted floor and have the event company set it up in the venue for you.

The floors are lit with LED light from within, and they come in a variety of styles, such as an animated video option, where party-goers can watch everything from holiday movies to entertaining moving graphics.

Other styles include an interactive lighting display, which encourage dancers to move around the dance floor, and solid color displays. You can choose the hues to coordinate with a celebration theme. 

2. Illuminated Furniture

A sleek, ultra-modern way to add both color and lighting to your event is with illuminated furniture. The clear acrylic pieces, such as dining table and chair sets, DJ stands, cocktail tables and pedestals, are lit from within with colorful LED lights. 

Depending on your event decor budget, you can use all illuminated furniture pieces or just a few for an expected look that will get the guests talking. 

3. LED Columns 

An exciting way to welcome event-goers into the celebration space is with glowing LED columns, which the rental company can set up for you. Place one on each side of a doorway, or at the bottom of a stairway. Again, they come in variety of colors so you can easily tie them into your decor scheme, such as festive red and green columns for a Christmas party.

4. Candle Lanterns 

If you want low-key lighting elements for a barn or outdoor reception, fill glass and wrought iron lanterns with white LED tealights and hang them from rafters or tree branches. The lanterns will cast a soft, romantic glow throughout the venue. 

For more information on event lighting, talk to a company like Orange Frog Productions that can get you set up with all your lighting needs.


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tips for planning an awesome graduation celebration

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